Cooking Great Things on Wood

July 23, 2017 Off By editeditor

There’s something about a nice cooked meal that was either roasted on the grill or over a fire. The flavors are rich, distinct and very tasteful. While we all love to cook or try new recipes, cooking on maple or hickory wood may be your next thing to try. It’s not unheard of and surprisingly it seems to be a trend. Whichever the case, food cooked on wood is in a league of its own when it comes to pizza and or a nice meat dish. You have the options of either cherry or maple wood when you decide to branch out and taste the difference in the food.

Maple wood brings out a subtle fruity flavor to your dish that seem to balance everything else out. You may find hickory, oak, pecan flavors could be too dominate and overwhelming. You may consider fazing them out with a milder wood, that way you can enjoy booth types of flavors. If you are intending on cooking some pork, then stick with cooking on maple wood, it’s the best for this. Now, if you are thinking about prime rib stay with cherry wood with pecan.

Blending is essential when you are cooking on any kind of wood. It gives off an excellent alternative that is clean and not too messy. You will soon taste the difference when you try this. One reason is because you want to avoid cook directly on the wood. If you do, you’ll find that the flavor is very intense giving you a bold and challenging taste in your food. When you stoke, you basically keep all those delicious natural juices inside the food. This will give your dishes an extra punch of flavor to enjoy. The stoking process really can be considered as another type of seasoning when you think about it.

If you are using a good mixture of maple to cherry wood, the tastes will stand out for sure. This is also true when you mix the maple or cherry wood with a good hickory or also oak. What happens is that the good fruit flavors can level out the more dominant flavors that comes on way too strong. The goal in the end is for you to try what works for you when considering a specific blend. There are some combinations that are popular such as cherry wood/Maple wood (as mentioned), Cherry wood/Cedar Wood, Maple Wood/Cedar Wood and Hickory Wood/Oak Wood.

It really depends on when you finally taste the food on your mix of woods. Cooking on wood is done in the barbecue process and at home, so the idea of it has been around for some time. It’s probably good to remember the different combinations once you decide on what particular dish to cook. This way you get the best rich tastes you expect. Do your research and you will find a list of individual flavors that can work with fish, pork, poultry, chicken, vegetables or cheeses.