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Tools for Self Defense

Knowing that around the world crime is getting rampant, plus the fact that it could happen any moment can be very worrying for some of us. This causes people to live in distress and fear, with the hopes to not encounter situations that will put their lives in tremendous danger. Crime rate in almost every country seems to undergo fluctuation, this means something bad can suddenly happen, and this statistic can be very concerning.

Even those who think they are pretty safe within the four walls of their homes might experience crimes such as home invasion, theft and other more heinous acts, thus proving that crime can indeed happen anywhere, anytime. Knowing measures of self-defense tools have a huge importance in saving your life and the lives of those around you, in moment urgency. Below are some tools which can be used in moment of unexpected danger.

Number 1. Everyday items – Whether people believe it or not, there are a lot of very common household items which they can utilize in order to incapacitate oncoming attackers when the situation is appropriate. In fact, even something simple as a couple of keys in a person’s pocket would be sufficient to stop criminals on their tracks. All one needs to do is hold them in their palms, closing them into fists, with the keys slipped out in between the spaces of their fingers. This might not be comfortable, and this may cause a lot of pain, as makeshift knuckles, but it will be sending criminals bleeding. Even a pen is very useful since it can be used as a puncturing device that will be painful as well. Even a cell phone, that you never thought of, can be used in extreme danger.

Number 2. Stun Gun – a device that is safe for use. It will not incapacitate anyone to the point of death, since it only discharges right around 0.0003 amps, a rather low current. If it is higher than that, then this might cause cessations in breathing and might induce heart beats, opening of killing a person. If ever you killed him, this will not be charged against you as murder, but it is an act of self-defense.

Number 3. Pepper spray – one canister of this will be enough to daze a handful of criminals that are planning to cause harm. When used, this gives out a type of chemical that will cause temporary blindness, irritation to the eyes, which leaves the assailant defenseless. Like stun guns, pepper sprays are non-lethal and as well-know. For ordinary citizens, these are effective and helpful tools that can be used in self- defense. We are all praying and hoping for the safety and peace of ourselves and our beloved, but in our day and age, these are things are quite inevitable, there are people who are willing to hurt anyone just for personal gain. Alertness is important, being aware of the surrounding, whether it’s day or night, always look around you. If ever it’s is true that you are being stalked, then it would alarm the criminal that you are aware of his presence, and would likely move on and leave you alone.

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