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Blog Monetizing through Ads

The moment you have built a solid readership base with your blog, you can start working towards monetizing it. There’s a whole lot of methods of doing this, but a simple yet highly bankable one is through advertising.

If you have a big blog following, advertisers will certainly pay to put their ads in front of your readers. By far the easiest way to make money blogging is by signing up with Google’s AdSense program.

As soon as you’ve setup your account, you will get a code that will be added to your blog. This code will instantly display advertisements on your blog from a wide variety of businesses or companies in Google’s ad network. You may find ads from small businesses that have something to do with what you’re blogging about, or ads from big companies that don’t have the slightest connection to your subject.

What you’ll love the most about AdSense is that you get near countless advertisers lining up to advertise on your blog, and you have to do no more than copy-and-paste a code to your blog. With that, you’re all set and monetization starts. Each time an ad is clicked by any of your readers, you get paid. Google will get the money from your advertisers and then forward you a check at the end of the month. This system is near not just because it is clean, but because you are dealing with a popular company that you’re certain will pay you on schedule.

How Much Profit to Expect

How much you can make from ads depends on three factors:The profit you can make from these ads is dictated by three factors:How much money you can make from ads is determined by three things:


This is probably the most obvious. The more people come to your blog, the more ads will be clicked and the more profit you make.


). More prominent styling means more chances of clicks. But be careful not to annoy your readers by setting ads too large or having them too many.


Lastly, your earnings from this method of blog monetization will be dictated by the topic you are writing about. This has something to do with advertisers being willing to pay bigger money for ads on certain kinds of blogs.

For example, if your write about cruises, your readers are probably people who have a good income. Thus, many advertisers will want to place ads for your readers to see, and they are also likely to pay a bigger amount per click.

In any case, note that successfully monetizing a blog requires time. But as with most bloggers today, you will realize anyway that the work itself is more than enough reward to continue what you’re doing.

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