The Perfect Morning and Afternoon Energy Boost

September 9, 2017 Off By editeditor

Your first drink in the morning to get the energy flowing is typically a hot “cup of joe” or some sugary soft drink. However, coffee drinkers have so many choices now days – from the ever so popular k cup pods, percolator and drip means, French press or the various coffee houses scattered across every street corner. Which will it be?

As coffee products evolve to meet the demanding change in taste and time constraints, it appears k cup pods continue to trend. More manufactures are on board developing their own flavors and products. This is a must to keep up with the ever-changing coffee climate.

Rather than make a full pot of coffee that will most likely not be drank and will eventually become stale, k cup pods are becoming the most convenient and cost-effective way to drink coffee. Each pod produces a fresh, tasty cup of steaming hot coffee each time.

K cup pods are so convenient and offer a plethora of flavors especially the
Starbucks k cup pods. What better way to start your morning than popping in a k cup pod just before leaving for work or your morning activities. An afternoon k cup pod will also fulfill the mid-day slump and provide that extra bit of energy boost needed to complete the day.

Starbucks continues to develop more unique flavors in their coffee division. They always meet the demands of their customers whether it’s in their brick and mortar stores or on-line shopping. Their products are always offered on their on-line store or other websites.

Everyone has their favorite Starbucks flavor and it’s always about that certain taste to their palate. Will it be Pike Place Roast, Café Verona, French Roast, Veranda Blend, Breakfast Blend, Pike Place Roast Decaf, Caramel, or Sumatra? Any of these should work because they have all been specially blended with the perfect balance.

• Pike Place Roast – offered in a medium roast, bold and rich in flavor, balanced and well blended to drink daily.

• Café Verona – offered in dark roast, balanced between roast sweetness and dark rich cocoa.

• French Roast – offered in dark roast, light bodied, intense smokiness, robust and bold.

• Veranda Blend – offered in light roast, soft, cocoa nutty flavor, very mellow.

• Breakfast Blend – offered in medium roast, balanced and blended with bold and light citrus flavor.

• Pikes Place Roast Decaf – offered in decaf, bold, rich in flavor, tasty and smooth.

• Caramel – offered in medium roast with smooth buttery caramel flavor.

• Sumatra – offered in dark roast, full bodied with deep herbal and earthy flavors.

What a way to start and end the day with a Starbucks coffee. And even better is using one of their handy k cup pods. They’re easy, fast and convenient.

If you’re a coffee drinker, you know what flavors and components you require in your coffee. You know a great taste from a bad taste. And bottom line, you want it quick, hot and energizing.

K cup pods are the trend. They are here to stay. And more importantly, there’s a flavor for everyone.